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Love these boxes

New to nibble and Nosh. Don’t know whose more excited when our box arrives, me or the dogs. Beautifully packaged, excellent quality and value. Would highly recommend 🐶

Rosie loved them

Thanks for these lovely treats, my Rosie loves them, and all made with great ingredients. Thank you.

Luxury gourmet dog treat box

Beautifully presented and a great price for this item
Rudy was very impressed 🐶


Rosie loved these, as I'm sure she'll love the rest of her treats. I love the fact that their healthy, low fat treats. Thank you.

personalized box

Fabulous treat box taking into account the allergies my dog has. Enjoyed all the treats and loved the toy.

Fabulous variety!

A really fabulous variety of extremely high quality products, and not just the treats; the poo bag holder, the toy (which is my dog’s new favourite!), the packaging, everything was really high quality and packaged beautifully! Thank you.

Excellent quality

The box contents are really good quality and our 4 dogs love them. Much better than any other treats they’ve had. That’s why we’ve set up a monthly subscription.

Great treat box

Lots of healthy treats and a toy which Ted loves. I give him the parcel and he opens it himself

Extra treats

Lovely treats devoured by the dogs.

Great service and product

Another great product from Nibble & Nosh. This I split into three for my boy to have the largest, my little girl to have a fair bit, and my old girl who can't chew so well has a small bit :) Another win they all love :)

Perfect with every bite

My boy Archie absolutely loved every single treat, he’s quite fussy what he eats so eating everything is a great complement to Nibble & Nosh he adores their treats

good product

i’m really pleased with the box content.
All natural ingredients so i don’t need to worry about my dog getting bad treats.
My two pugs love all the treats. The toy and poo bags are a great extra. Nothing gets binned.

Rated by her brought by me

I stumbled across this company but sheer magic and I couldn’t be happier. This well thought out subscription would be a crime to miss out on. Tasty smelling treats which my dog didn’t think twice about eating. The every mother’s dream bag clip which keeps the treats fresh (if they last that long) and the pretty cute toy which kept my pooch from eating my hair long enough for me to drink a warm drink.

There are heaps of subs on the market and it’s a nightmare to pick the best, but you won’t be disappointed with these guys.

The customer services, the boxes and the contents will certainly get your tail wagging. (Or at least your pooches)

Excellent Quality and Service

It's excellent that I have been able to set up a monthly subscription, so I don't need to think about it. My dog now recognises the box and gets super excited when it arrives as she knows it's treats for her and I'm happy that she's getting good quality items I can treat her with.

Xmas family dog gifts

I bought 4 nibble and nosh boxes for my dog and 3 for family dogs, they loved them. The treats are of high quality. My sister has now subscribed for a monthly box for her two boys. So very pleased, will definitely buy again. Thank you Julie and Poppy xx

The best treats for my toothless pup

Fizzy is a puppy farm rescue, about 8. She has lost about 11 teeth and can chew but proper chews are too much work for her. These are her fave, special treat. She will determinedly chew and actually looks like she's enjoying them. Perfect :)


I have a very fussy 13 year old dog who knows what she likes. Whilst she will turn her nose up at many things she loved all of the sushi roll flavours. They are a good size and I have already put in an order for more!

Best treats!

We have a very fussy cavapoo who usually just rubs his head all over treats and then leaves them. As soon as we offered him one of the chicken jerky treats he wolfed it down and they are his new favourite food. Would highly recommend


Been using these treats for a while now, love the fact they are low fat and natural!! My dog loves them! And the name makes me laugh every time!!!

Puppy love

Bought the deluxe box for Christmas for Shiba Inu pup. He loves the treats and so far hasn’t quite managed to rip the penguin to shreds so a success. Would be good if could stipulate toy for aggressive chewers perhaps?

Tasty box of treats

Peaches loves these little treats still got some left

Luxury Gourmet Dog Treat Box

Can’t recommend enough!

Incredible treats! Our pooch is fussy and she goes absolutely nuts for these treats! I’ve had to make a few amendments to orders and the customer service is awesome! Will be regularly buying for a long time to come!


What fantastic dog treats ,loved by my dog so much she can smell then through the box even though there sealed.

dogs love nibble & nosh

my dogs and cats love Nibble & nosh