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Both our dogs,Juan and Clifford,have loved the new treats


Very good treats, my dog loved all of them

Fussy pug

Our pug is very fussy with food. But she really loves all of the range of treats from nibble and nosh.

Fussy no more!

My 2 shihtzu boys are soo fussy, they have only ever liked Good Boy treats, even if I buy a similar product to Good Boy they normally turn there noses up!
So when my Dad found Nibble and Nosh chicken strips and duck jerky at Dogfest, I wasn't convinced they would like them, but I thought I would let him buy them anyway.... little did I no at the time I was so wrong! My boys are in love with these treats, even more than the Good Boy brand which now they refuse when they have a Nibble and Nosh treat in mind! The only thing they could improve on is selling them in bigger bags.

Love these boxes!

We discovered N&N at Crufts and our dogs were very happy about it. I now get a monthly box delivered which is full of delicious, healthy treats. My dogs love to sniff and open the box and it always includes a toy that they get to play with too.


Excellent quality.

My dog absolutely loves them.

Beef and sweet potato twists

Very enjoyable

Nettle is waiting for her treats to come in the post

Our dogs face lights up when her treats arrive. She’s so excited and loves to pick her own. Although she loves them all. A big woof from nettle

Our dogs love these!

Such a great way to get them eating fruit and reduce the calorie intake a little. If I offer fresh apple they’re not keen but they go mad for these!

Five stars from Freddie!

Have been receiving these treats for nearly a year now. They are natural and nutritious and Freddie goes mad for them. The longer ones are great for holding if I need him to stay still while I clean his ears or check his paws. Packaging is so luxurious too!! (Makes him feel special!)

Our dogs love their box!

After discovering Nibble & Nosh at Crufts this year I made a further order and have subscribed to a monthly box as they love the treats! The bonus toy is a great hit too.. The only improvement I would make would be have the goodies in resealable bags, otherwise they are just great!

Box of delights

Lovely mixed box of treats

Delicious treats, very well received!

The luxury gourmet dog treat box is full of different treats that your dog will just love, they’re nicely packaged in small bags and can be peg tied to keep them fresh, our dog absolutely loves them!!


Merlin my GWP was delighted with his new treats, to the point that he is resource guarding and wouldn't let me give one to my neighbours dog. He's not bothered when I give other dogs Tesco biscuits!

Gourmet treat boxes

My two dogs love their boxes
Thank you very much 😊

Yummy healthy treats. 🐾

These treats are just the right size for when we are out and about. My dog absolutely loves these. ❤️


Absolutely great product full of Marley favourites each month Marley loves them and as they low calorie can keep him healthy

I think Louis would sell his soul for these!

My 15 year old Toy Poodle is incredibly fussy, but I'm sure he'd sell his soul (or me!) for these. He loves them and I love them because they're made of good stuff (which isn't always the case with dog treats...).

Great Treats

Our dogs love these treats, and it’s good to know that these treats are full of nutrition!


I cannot recommend Nibble and Nosh dog treats enough. They honestly cater for every dog size and the quality is amazing. I have two poorly dogs one with IBD the other with severe allergies and although I can't indulge them as much as I would dearly love to, they both can tolerate the salmon and chicken treats now and again which is a huge success for me and them because I'm so desparate to treat them! They break into manageable treat size too. All the treats are of a good quality I'm just somewhat restricted.

Soft and chewy

These treats shout unmatched quality in abundance! Great nutritional benefits as with all the treats, I’ve honestly never looked back, you must give them a try!


The little one loves these… He can’t get enough of the calcium stick, has a little game he likes to play with it whilst chomping away.

You will not buy anything else after trying these!

The box has everything you need. The variety is amazing and the additional nutrients packed in each treat is a pleasant bonus. The quality in the each of the treats can be felt as they are soft and chewy. Our little baby is a fussy one but he loves all of the treats available here! A genuine personalised service too. Haven’t purchased a treat from anywhere else since and I have no reason to either. I recommend the subscription service for this product where you get a free vedivet subscription usually £10/month so you can have access to veterinary doctors for any questions you may have, literally anything… It’s priceless and to strike this deal for its customers it shows Nibble and Nosh care.