Will your dog be on the Naughty or Nice List?

It will come as no surprise when we tell you that here at Nibble & Nosh, we believe all dogs deserve top quality, healthy treats - whether as a reward for good behaviour or as training treats to help teach them to be a little less... mischievous!

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of a new competition in the run up to Christmas.

This year we’re eager to sniff out the UK’s naughtiest and nicest dogs to compile an extra special Christmas list which will shine a light on the unique spirit and personality of your darling dogs! We’ll also be rewarding two wonderful winners with an extra special Nibble & Nosh Christmas Dog Treat selection box.

We’re looking for heart-warming, inspiring, funny, naughty, nice or downright adorable stories that showcase just how much character and colour our canine companions bring to our lives… and we want to hear from you!

Christmas Naught or Nice list for dogs

We want to hear from you...

Send us your stories, pictures or videos via our Facebook or Instagram pages or email us here at Nibble & Nosh HQ and you could win a box packed full of healthy, natural and fabulously festive dog treats and accessories. The perfect Christmas gift for your dog.

From the stories we receive we’ll be picking two deserving winners, one from the nice and one from the naughty list, and runners-up who will receive smaller (but still just as tasty) Nibble & Nosh Christmas treat bags.

We will also be using the best stories on our social media channels and in forthcoming N&N emails so, even if you don’t have a story of your own to share, make sure you subscribe to our updates and follow us to join in the fun.


It’s true that dogs do the funniest things and, more than anything, we just hope that by sharing and reading these stories it puts a great big smile on people’s faces. We want to hear from absolutely anyone that has a story to share, big or small, put them forward, get your dog on the Naughty or Nice List and let’s have a huge amount of fun in the process.

 "We want to hear from anyone that has a story to share, big or small, put them forward, get your dog on the Naughty or Nice List and let’s have a some festive fun in the process."

We are accepting entries to the Christmas Naughty or Nice List now and the search will be open until Sunday December 19th 2021, to give us time to send the winners their gourmet dog treat boxes in time for Christmas.

Our address for email entries is hello@nibbleandnosh.co.uk

We can't wait to hear from you!