Nibble & Nosh Member’s Rewards

We wracked our brains to think of a way to say thank you to our most loyal customers, to give a little something back. What we came up with is a simple paw points scheme that means our members can save as they shop!

If you’re a regular to the Nibble & Nosh website, you might have noticed a little icon floating around on our homepage. This icon takes you to an extra special member’s section that we like to think of as a happy little community for dog lovers just like you! 


How does it work?

By simply signing up for Nibble & Nosh rewards you’ll be able to collect paw points when you buy from us online. Points unlock exciting perks, including money off our tasty dog treats and exclusive discount vouchers. 

How do Nibble & Nosh points work?

Once you have signed up to the community and have become a loyalty member, we’ll give you points for different actions. For example, you’ll get 3 points for every £1 you spend with us, and 50 points for following us on one of our social media channels. The points you earn are then turned into savings which you can redeem against future online purchases. It’s easy, fun and it saves you money - pawesome, right?

What about referrals?

As part of our member loyalty benefits you will also receive extra special discounts. For example, when you introduce a friend to Nibble & Nosh we’ll give you both a £5 voucher to spend with us - making it super easy to save and to share the rewards.


In a nutshell, our rewards program gives you the ability to earn lots of lovely points that you can then spend on our healthy, high-quality treats for your dog. It will also give you access to special discounts for you and your friends – making it super easy to share treats, rewards and love!


Join our pack HERE.