Hugs with your Hound

There really is nothing better than settling down for a snuggle with our furry friends. With yet another national lockdown well underway, many of us have had to enjoy the company of our canine companions a little bit more and we can well and truly say they have been the saving grace is one of the most testing times in our life. 


Lady hugging her dog.

With National Hug Day celebrated just days ago, we want to celebrate just how beneficial a cuddle with your dog can be and how it can help bring the bond between the two of you as close as ever. Boosting wellbeing of you and your pet, here’s how a hug a day really can keep those winter blues at bay.


Help your Health

According to science, cuddling stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine, the transmitters responsible for keeping depression at bay, making us feel happier. The act of holding and stroking your pet is a massively effective way to combat stress and anxiety as it creates a calming effect to help you focus on the present moment.

With big loving eyes, soft cuddly fur and enough kisses and licks to last a time, having a pet in your life can really be a game changer if you suffer from fluctuations in your mental health. Scientifically proven to boost your mood, spending just 10 minutes with your pet can improve your mental health by at least 70%. These are all the reasons why, having a pet in your life is the best thing you can ever have or wish for.

Another lady hugging her dog in a field.

Build that Bond

For owners out there with anxious pets, a cuddle can really boost the bond between you both. With cuddles from their owners releasing the same chemicals in their brains as it does to us, snuggling into your canine companion can boost their mood by a significant amount.

What is important about hugging your pet, is to remember to approach the matter slowly and calmly. Some dogs may be wary when owners approach them for a cuddle, so allow your dog to approach you and they will feel calm and relaxed once they know they are safe and secure.


A happy dog receiving a hug.

Spread the love

Our dogs deserve love just as much as we do. As the country settles in for yet another national lockdown and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is no better time to spread the love than with your canine companion at home. Enjoying a snuggle with their owners can strengthen the bond and improve your relationship significantly. During cuddling sessions with your canine do you ever notice them use their paws particularly on your hands and face? This is actually one of the most tell-tale signs of our pets showing us affection.

When we stroke our pets, we use our hands in a gliding motion to show our dogs signs of love. However, unable to recreate that exact action with their paws, dogs often place their paws on our hands and face to reciprocate that stroking action and signifying their absolute love and trust.

So if a cuddle is everything that you and your pet needs, grab a paw and get closer today.