Why Should I Order a Dog Treat Subscription Box?

You might be new to the concept or you could be a seasoned shopper in the world of subscription boxes, but their rise in popularity proves that they’re not only an easy way to regularly order your most used products, but that they’re great fun too. The anticipation of receiving a box of treats each month is appealing to more and more of us as we find new and exciting ways to make sure we’re never short of our favourite goodies. From beauty to books, food and drink to plants and pickles, there’s a subscription box out there for everyone. 

Our gourmet dog treat boxes are specifically designed with your furry little friends in mind. Packed full of delicious, tasty treats that dogs love, you and your pet can subscribe to have a Nibble and Nosh box delivered straight to your door every month.

There’s something both thrilling and satisfying about the light thud of the box as it pops through your door, but just what is it about subscription boxes that makes them so brilliant? Here we take you through the dog subscription box basics to find out.


  1. What are dog subscription boxes?

Dog treat subscription boxes are specifically created for your dog and can include anything from dog treats, natural dog biscuits, dog toys, chews, accessories, wet or dry food. You simply pick your preferred options, sign up to receive a box on a regular basis, sit back and wait! It’s a simple as that.

You don’t have to add it to your big shop at the supermarket, you don’t need to make an extra trip to the pet store. You’re simply a few clicks away from having a hassle-free, monthly supply of treats delivered directly to your chosen address.


  1. How do dog treat subscription boxes work?

Subscription boxes can work in various ways but here at Nibble and Nosh you can select the box size and the frequency of the delivery. If you think a box every month might be a little too often you can space them out further to receive your natural dog treats every two or three months instead. You can also adjust this later in the subscription if you feel you need more treats, or perhaps less, than you first anticipated. Pick whatever option works best for you and your dog’s needs. Happy owners and even happier dogs is the ultimate aim here.


  1. What should I look for in a dog subscription box?

Quality is key. Only subscribe to the best dog subscription boxes that contain products you can trust and that you know your dog enjoys.

We include our own brand treats in every box so you can rest assured that they’re always high quality, low calorie, 100% natural and made using only prime cuts.

You can even try before you subscribe by ordering a one off purchase online.


  1. Are dog subscription boxes worth it?

Our subscription customers receive a discount and exclusive offers which means you actually save on treats when you buy them as a subscription.

Once you subscribe you become part of a special little Nibble and Nosh subscriber community and we’ll send exclusive news and updates to you as well as discounts and giveaway competitions.

As an added extra we also donate to a dog charity of your choice when you subscribe, this means you're doing good while ordering your goodies.


  1. Do dog treat subscription boxes become boring?

What?! No way! Although we would say that, wouldn’t we? 

The best dog subscription boxes will have variation. Here at N&N, there are three different types of monthly boxes to pick from so you have lots of choice options. Whichever you choose, we’ll send a different selection of handpicked treats to mix things up in each box. This ensures your dog has a variety in its supply of natural, gourmet dog treats which helps to keep your pup happy and healthy. Variation in your dogs day and diet keeps it stimulated and content. 

We are constantly looking to update our products and accessories and there’s also the option to have an extra special dog gift box delivered for your dog’s birthday as part of your Nibble and Nosh dog treat subscription box. 

  1. Why should I buy pet subscription boxes?

If you use something regularly it can be extremely useful to have it delivered. It makes the process easy and fun! 

Our dog treat subscription boxes require very little effort on your part and they ensure you don’t run out of treats. This is especially useful if you’re training your dog with rewards, if you have a BIG eater or if your dog is a picky eater that is particularly selective about the food they’ll try. 

As well as ensuring you have a constant supply of quality dog snacks, a dog treat subscription saves you time too, knowing your supply of delicious dog treats is taken care of means you can spend more time playing, snuggling and bonding with your pooch. 

We can also add handy accessories such as dog poo bags to subscription boxes. As dog owners ourselves we understand all too well the frustration of running out of these… usually at a critical moment!

Dog treat monthly subscription boxes also make great gifts! The only thing better than receiving a dog gift box full of treats is when you receive three! Happy new dog, birthday, gotcha day, graduating puppy training; any occasion can be suitably marked with a scrumptious subscription!


So, there you have it, subscription boxes are fun, useful and incredibly convenient. With all these wonderful reasons to subscribe to a dog treat box delivery, you’d be barking mad to miss out!

If you still have questions about our subscription boxes please get in touch, we’d be very happy to help.