How Do Dog Treats Benefit Your Dog?

How Do Dog Treats Benefit Your Dog?

Is there anything better than watching your dog’s reaction when you mention the word “treats?” A head tilt, perk of the ears, a lick of the lips! We all love to treat our pets but it’s up to us, as responsible pet parents, to make sure we give them the right treats at the right time. Giving your dog nutritious treats is great for training, behaviour and comfort, plus natural dog treats can provide added health benefits for our furry friends.

To make sure your dog is not only enjoying dog treats but also benefiting from them, we’ve put together this handy list of four things we think you should know.


  1. Dog treats are invaluable for dog training

Treats are extremely beneficial for dog training, Your Dog suggests that around 90% of dogs are motivated by food, making treats one of the most effective ways to reward your dog when they’ve behaved well or learned a new skill. Use regular, reward-based training sessions in short intervals and start lessons in a quiet area so your dog isn’t overwhelmed or distracted. When your dog is well rewarded for a particular behaviour they are much more likely to want to do it again and the tastier the reward, the more your dog will enjoy and respond to training.

Treats can motivate your pup and reinforce good behaviour, but they shouldn’t be used as the only solution when it comes to rewarding your pet. Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as affection and praise, to work alongside food-related incentives.

Wondering what the best treats are to reward your well behaved four-legged friend? Small and semi-moist treats are ideal and low-calorie treats are particularly good for using to train your dog as they can be given more often.


“…the tastier the reward, the more your
dog will enjoy and respond to training.”


We ensure that our subscription boxes provide a variety of high-quality, 100% natural, low-calorie dog treats which are perfect for rewarding your dog when they show good behaviour. If you‘d like help or advice for training your dog you can search for your nearest reward-based Dog School on the Dogs Trust website.



  1. Dog treats can help comfort your dog

Hand feeding your dog with treats can help strengthen the bond between you. By gaining trust and encouraging them to respond to “gentle” commands, the physical contact made when eating from your hand can help to create a relaxed sense of safety and comfort for your dog.


Treats can also be a fantastic distraction for your pet if you have to leave them on their own. Treats keep your dog busy and help to reduce the risk of boredom. Giving your dog a treat as you leave is also often used as a short-term remedy for separation anxiety. It can create a more positive association with you leaving the house and can help teach them that being alone is not so frightening.


Hiding treats for your pooch to discover will help keep your dog occupied and give them something good to chew on while you’re out. Dogs love chewing so, along with helping to alleviate boredom, treats might just save your new shoes and sofa from getting gnawed!


“Hand feeding your dog with treats will help
strengthen the bond between you.”



  1. Natural dog treats can provide extra health benefits

Just like humans, dogs have dietary needs in order to keep them healthy, fit and strong. Providing your dog with top-quality, natural dog treats can deliver extra benefits such as healthier coats, skin, joints, good digestion and can improve dental health and breath.

Natural dog treats are becoming increasingly popular among conscientious dog owners who understand how important it is to provide snacks that are both healthy and delicious. All of our Nibble & Nosh treats are low-calorie, naturally low in fat and full of essential vitamins to ensure your pooch is receiving great nutritional benefits while enjoying super tasty treats.



  1. Beware of ‘bad’ dog treats

We have all experienced those beady eyes burning up at our plates at the dinner table. Even though the temptation to feed your dog human food can be high, we should never treat dogs to scraps of food from our plate.

Firstly, sharing people food with dogs can lead to bad habits, such as begging, reinforce bad behaviour and turn your dog into a picky eater. If we start feeding dogs titbits they begin to think it’s fine to share and will constantly ‘ask’ for human food. It may be fine to supplement a dog’s diet with small amounts of some human foods but much of our food is too rich and fatty, contains too much sodium and can contribute to health problems and dog obesity.

Secondly, lots of human food can actually be toxic to dogs and can make them unwell. Sticking to treats specifically create for dogs eliminates the danger of unintentionally giving them poisonous food which can sometimes be fatal. Feed your pet good-quality treats specifically for dogs to help reduce the risk of them eating something dangerous.


Here at Nibble & Nosh we know a thing or two about dog treats and provide only the best quality, natural dog treats made with choice cuts. Our treats are full of flavour but low in calories so, when your dog deserves a reward, you can be sure it receives healthy, nutritional goodness. Our treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes, shop our range of natural dog treats and subscription boxes here.