21 Great Indoor Games to Play with Your Dog

Beat the Boredom

As a dog owner I am often looking for new way to entertain my dog, in the spring and summer this is far easier, as a lovely evening walk in a park or nearby woods is great for both me and Poppy my bonkers cockapoo, but the shorter, darker, and colder days can be much more of a challenge, with both of us feeling house bound and bored.
This compounded with a never-ending lockdown led to the creation of Nibble and Nosh’s first ebook.

21 Great Indoor Games to Play with Your Dog
This is a light hearted collection of indoor games that you and your pooch can enjoy together. Not all games will be suitable for all dogs, especially some of the more energetic ones like the stair game or the obstacle course may not be suitable for older joints or very young developing joints, but hopefully you will find a new favourite game or two, that both entertains, stimulates and exercises both you and your dog.

The Ebook Cover for '21 Great Indoor Games To Play With Your Dog.

I do hope you will enjoy the download and we are always looking out for any games we have missed, so we can add them to the collection, please let us know if you have any.



You can download the book here.



A little snippet from the books is the game High 5



Tell your dog to sit, then give them a treat. Hold another treat out of reach (but close by),and say ‘high five’, touching one of their feet. They’ll probably paw at the treat in your other hand; when your dog does this, gently pick the paw up and let your dog have the treat, making lots of fuss of them at the same time.



Repeat this sequence this until your dog associates the ‘high five’ command with touching your hand with his paw!



Treat can often play a vital role in teaching new games and as responsible dog parents it’s important that we feed our pooches the highest quality treats that will not pile on the calories.



All treats used in training and teaching new games should come out of your dog’s daily calorie allowance.
Nibble and Nosh Treats are made with 100% natural ingredients, using choice cuts, wheat free, low in calories and are super tasty. This can make the training a lot easier and stay within your dog’s daily calorie allowance.